UEFDSA grant application support

Writing a good grant application can be difficult, when you are doing it for the first time.

This page contains some materials which can be helpful when applying for grants.


These are general guides which describe various aspects of grant applications.

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Guide videos

Here are some guide videos, which are available online.


Template files

A grant application contains many documents which contain lists of information such as CV, academic portfolio.

CV templates


Find other filetypes (pdf, tex, docx, odt) here: https://integraali.com/dsagas/cv-template/.

Academic portfolio templates


Find other filetypes (pdf, tex, docx, odt) here: https://integraali.com/dsagas/ap-template/.

Example files

Some members of UEFDSA wish to support you in writing grant applications and have provided us with their old documents.

YearLanguageTypeMain domainFileYieldName
2020finlist of publicationshistory2020-fin-lp-history-tervashonka.pdf?Ari J. Tervashonka
2020finacademic portfoliomathematics2020-fin-ap-math-huusko.pdf?Juha-Matti Huusko
2020fincvmathematics2020-fin-cv-math-huusko.pdf?Juha-Matti Huusko
2020finlist of publicationsmathematics2020-fin-lp-math-huusko.pdf?Juha-Matti Huusko


If you wish to contribute by providing your old documents, follow this procedure.

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About personal information

Some of the example files contain personal information such as

Each contributor can choose themselves if they wish to share such information. We are not responsible, if you contribute a document with your phone number and somebody calls you afterwards.

About sensitive information

Some grant application related information is sensitive, such as

Regarding such information


Contributed documents are saved in

Removal of data. Perhaps you

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